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What's the best temperature for a condensing boiler to

Jan 22, 2020· In other words, the water in the return pipe needs to be 55C or lower or your boiler will not operate at maximum efficiency and potentially will not even condense. Turning down the temperature on > Get A Quote >

What Is The BEST Water Heater Temperature Settin

Jan 13, 2020· Gas and electric water heater temperatures are set at the factory, but can be adjusted for your own preferences with only a couple of tools. If you have already set the temperature and are saying to yourself, “I have no hot water” or not enough of it, there are a few factors that may be affecting the heat. If all else fails, the heating element may be failing, and needs to be replaced. > Get A Quote >

What temp do most people set their boilers

Dec 01, 2015· It's not that the boilers condense for longer when the return temperature is about 55C but that condensing will only happen if the return temperature is below 55C. How much condensing occurs is related to the flow temperature - the lower it is the more heat is extracted from the water … > Get A Quote >

Specifying high-temperature hot-water boilers and syste

File Size: 800KB High-temperature hot-water (HTHW) plants are typically designed to operate at temperatures ranging from 350°F to 420°F. The system pressure must be at least 25 psig above the saturation pressure of the high-temperature water’s maximum temperature to prevent pump cavitation and flashing of superheated water … > Get A Quote >

What is the Most Efficient Temperature to Keep the Boiler A

May 28, 2013· If you set it too high, as is possible if you use the first method and put the heating on full with an idea to turning it off soon after, the risk is that the water which returns to the condensing boiler after having circulated through the radiators will be too high a temperature to recover enough heat from the boiler’s exhaust gases. > Get A Quote > Electric Kettle, VAVA Stainless Steel T

15 hours ago· Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control Stainless Steel 1.7 L Tea Kettle, BPA-Free Hot Water Boiler Cordless with LED Light, Auto Shut-Off, Boil-Dry Protection, Keep Warm, 1500W Fast Boiling, 120V HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric Kettle, 1200W Electric Tea Kettle, 8 Big Cups 2.0L Glass Portable Electric Kettle Cordless with 4Hrs Keep > Get A Quote >

What temperature should a condensing boiler be set

Most modern boilers will have a digital dial that allows you to set the output temperature. For combi boilers, the recommended output temperature for the radiators is 75 °C and for the water it’s 60 °C. You shouldn’t need to adjust these output temperatures as you may alter the boiler’s efficiency. > Get A Quote >

Design of Dual-Return Boiler Systems | HPAC Engineeri

Leveraging the typical lower return temperatures with high-efficiency indirect water heaters, combination systems provide a cost-saving solution for efficient space heating and domestic hot water. Figure 3 shows a typical water-heater/boiler combination system with dual returns. > Get A Quote >

Best Practices for Condensing Boilers - Cleaver-Broo

Author: David Ludlow [PDF]when the hot water return temperature is between 120°F to 130°F (49°C to 54°C) as shown in Figure 1. Catie VanWormer, P.E., is product sales manager for ClearFire ® boilers at Cleaver-Brooks in Slinger, Wis. David Grassl, P.E., is the founding principal of Dynamic Consulting > Get A Quote >

The perfect return – heat network return temperatur

hi\lo settings for oil fired boiler — Heating Help: The WallBest settings for DHW indirect water heater with LochinvarCorrect high and low limit temp on hydronic systemminimum return temp — Heating Help: The WallSee more results W hat could be simpler than heat networks – pumping hot water around in pipes can’t be too complex, can it? The principle may be straightforward, but you cannot design cost-effective district heating schemes using the standard building services approach – design for the peak with a flow return temperature of 82/71°C does not suffice. > Get A Quote >

RTC (Return Temperature Control) - Burnham Commercial Boile

The Burnham Commercial Return Temperature Control (RTC) provides an economical and effective means of boiler protection from thermal shock and sustained condensing operation. The RTC monitors the boiler return water temperature and operates a 3-way diverting valve and boiler circulator to maintain a minimum return temperature of 135ºF or greater. > Get A Quote >

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